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Bent nail

IPA  |  ABV: 6.3%  |  IBU: 55  |  OG: 14

Bent Nail IPA is a tribute to the hard-working contractors who make their living in Red Lodge. The IPA is high in alcohol and hop flavor. We use copious of American cascade hops to give the IPA intense grapefruit and citrus aroma and flavor.

Bronze medal winner – 2007 Great American Beer Festival.


Czech mate

PILSNER  |  ABV: 5.1%  |  IBU: 26  |  OG: 12.3

Czechmate Pilsner is modeled after the famous Czech beers. It has a straw-gold color and a soft biscuit-like malt flavor. The mouthwatering Czech hops linger on the tongue. The pilsner cold ages for eight weeks, making it finish clean and easy.

Silver medal winner – 2004 North American Beer Awards. Bronze medal winner – 2006 North American Beer.



AMBER ALTBIER  |  ABV: 5.4%  |  IBU: 27  |  OG: 12.3

Glacier Amber Ale is modeled after the German Altbier. It is deep amber-brown in color and has a caramel malt flavor balanced with moderate hop bitterness.

Gold medal winner – 2017 Great American Beer Festival, 2007 North American Beer Awards.  Silver medal winner – 2010 & 2016 North American Beer Awards. Bronze medal winner – 2009, 2012 & 2015 North American Beer Awards.


JACK's 90

SCOTTISH ALE  |  ABV: 6.0%  |  IBU: 24  |  OG: 14.5

Jack’s 90 Scottish Ale is brewed in the proud Scottish tradition, using top quality English malts, soft water, cool fermentation temperatures and proper aging. An amber/brown ale with a rich malty taste and a clean finish.

Silver medal winner – 2008 North American Beer Awards. Bronze medal winner – 2013 Great American Beer Festival.



HEFEWEIZEN  |  ABV: 5.5%  |  IBU: 17  |  OG: 12.5

Helio Hefeweizen is a golden, unfiltered wheat beer. The wheat malt used in this beer lends a citrus-like flavor that is often accentuated with a slice of lemon. Hop bitterness is low and the yeast left in suspension in the beer adds a bread-like quality to the beer.

Gold Medal winner – 2010 North American Beer Awards. Silver medal winner – 2012 North American Beer Awards. Bronze medal winner – 2013 Great American Beer Festival.

broken copy.jpg


DOUBLE IPA  |  ABV: 7.6%  |  IBU: 75  |  OG: 17.2

Broken Nail Double IPA is an Imperial IPA. Big nectarine and citrus hop aromatics lead the broken nail off. The hop bitterness is followed with a warm finish from the strong alcohol content. 

Available January–March.


Ring Shank

RYE IPA |  ABV: 6.0%  |  IBU: 55 |  OG: 14

Brewed by some of our most tenured pioneer brewers, Rush and Dylan, for our owner Sam’s 40th birthday.  This beer is one that follows in the IPA tradition of our Bent Nail, but one that works in a completely different way.

Available March–May


Enjoy the ride

NEW ENGLAND IPA |  ABV: %  |  IBU:  |  OG:


Available March–May.



MONTANA IPA  |  ABV: 6.75%  |  IBU: 65  |  OG: 15.5

Named after a member of the species that epitomizes Montana’s wild—Bruno the Grizzly. Bruno is a resident of Zoo Montana. In 2015 we gifted Bruno one of our kegs as an indestructible toy that would withstand Bruno’s powerfull playtime. This deep-gold, spring IPA is brewed using all Montana grown barley and Montana honey.

Available April–June.

montandy shandy icon-01.png


SHANDY |  ABV: %  | IBU:  |  OG:


Available June–August.

Easy Sippah_Icon_Puck_Final-01.png

Easy Sippah

SESSION IPA |  ABV: 4.7%  |  IBU:  |  OG:

A light gold Session IPA with a floral hop flavor and low alcohol. This beer was made for easy sippin’ all day!

Available June–August.


Harvest Ale

APA |  ABV: 5.5%  |  IBU: 35 |  OG: 12.5

Harvest Ale is an American style pale ale. Accentuated with locally grown wet hops. The beer has developed a straw golden color with a delicious bitter flavor balanced by our Montana grown barley.

Available September–November.



GERMAN LAGER |  ABV: 5.3%  |  IBU: 16 |  OG: 13

Oktoberfest Lager is an amber German lager with a big, malty-sweet flavor. We use a lager yeast and long aging time to perfect this beer. PROST!

Available September–November.


Dog Pull Porter

PORTER |  ABV: 6.0%  |  IBU: 20 |  OG: 12.7

Our porter is black in color and has a roasted, coffee-like malt flavor.  A favorite of those who enjoy dark ales.

Available November–January.


Rocking Horse

BLACK IPA |  ABV: 6.5%  | IBU:  |  OG:

Roasted malts make up the backbone of this dark ale. Brewed with copious amounts of citrus, pine and juicy hops.

Available December–February.


Full Montana Cider

 ABV: 6.4% 

Over 20 varieties of Montana grown apples, sweetened to off-dry, with Montana beet sugar.



ABV: 6.2%

A blend of fresh-pressed and fermented apples, sweetened with Bartlett pear juice. 




Clark's Fork Malted Cider

ABV: 6.2%

Fresh pressed apples fermented with malt wort lend a fruity note to a tart, semi-dry finish. This cider is gluten reduced. 





ABV: 6.5%

Dry hopped apple cider sweetened with Apricot juice.



ABV: 6.5%

Apple cider dry hopped with Citra and Bravo hops.