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Red Lodge, Montana has a long history with beer. Before the times of Prohibition, Red Lodge Brewing Company made great local beer. Many years later, Sam Hoffmann started Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company in downtown Red Lodge. By using soft, glacial water, heated by a solar thermal array, adding Montana grown and malted barley and naturally cooled by cold Beartooth Mountain air, Red Lodge Ales produces quality beer for today’s discerning beer lovers. 

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Last Chance Cider Mill

Located on the 22nd block of Historic Montana Avenue our sister establishment fills an expansive warehouse that has played host to many businesses including a tractor showroom and most recently United Glass. The rear (North-side) of the interior is the production facility—our cider mill. The key to great cider is using ripe, hand-picked fruit and we have a massive cooler full of it. We source our apples exclusively from Montana and Michigan and we consider them to be some of the best in the world.  We press our apples on Wednesdays between October and March so come on down and watch the process.





Meet Sam—without him this place literally wouldn't exist.



Meet Justin. This dude is definitely part of our think tank. He’s been with us for 13 years, but has been studying beer since 1994—his first job in beer being in 1997. He’s our director of operations and tells us what to brew and when to brew it. He also deals with everything else that comes up on the brewery grounds. He raises three blond headed girls, with his wife, and enjoys snowboarding and a nice Doppelbock.



This is Andy. I don’t even know what to say about this chap. He keeps us all glued together. Andy and his wife Brandelyn just welcomed a son in the snowy month of February and we’re all excited to see if he grows up to be as cool as his dad.



This is Amanda. She’s our one-woman sales show. You’ll see her at all the events around the state reppin' our beer and our cider from Last Chance Cider Mill. “If you’ve met her, you’ll never forget her” is a nice little adage that sums her up. She works damn hard and we don’t see enough of her because she’s always on the road.



This is Geno. He is our warehouse manager and go-to guy. He loves the mountains and is constantly thinking about the next adventure. Rain, snow or shine, Geno is likely to be in the hills, if he’s not at work. He enjoys a nice mug of Nitro Porter when he gets back.



Will the thrill!! Will can usually be found smiling and in a good mood. He helps crush cellar work and keeps the beer flowing—brewing at night for us. We think we...Will...keep him around.



Meet Megan. Bringing her creative design skills to us all the way from Iowa, Megan can usually be found up in her container office jamming to 90s tunes and working on her next project. When she's not at the brewery, she enjoys spending time on the trails with her husband, two dogs and a cold Jack's 90, when they're done. 



Meet Madeline. She’s a Montana native and has always lived in a ski town. She’s our lab tech, safety officer and has multiple duties around the brewery. With a background in Analytical Chemistry, she keeps tabs on the beer through numbers and science, but she’s just as happy drinking a Beartooth Pale Ale after a jaunt in the fresh mountain air.



Dylan, a local guy, helps us keep it local and distributes our beer…locally. He’s basically a one-man show driving around to make sure the beer arrives safely to the shelves and we love him for it. His favorite beer is Bruno’s Montana IPA, which is brewed with local honey and has a generous amount of hops in it. If you see Dylan out there, give him a high-five! He works hard.



This is Dale. Right now he’s brewing Jack’s 90 Scottish Ale, but lately he’s been enjoying our Ring Shank Rye IPA. Dale’s from NH/NY and he’s traveled the world and somehow ended up here with us. We really love Dale and hope he sticks around. He is often in the mountains and plays some mean music (so we’ve heard). Hopefully he’ll play for us someday!

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This is Ben. He’s a brewer in training and helps out all over the place. He also helps with bottling and cellar work. He’s a dad to two beautiful girls and runs Elevated Harvest with his wife in Luther. Keeping it local, Ben and his girls help supply our town with top quality produce all year round and now he’s helping keep us supplied with beer, too!



Meet Andrew. He would like to “take you home on a country road, to the special brewery he now calls home.” Virginia native, transplant of California, twin (with his own twin language) brother and brewer. Welcome to the team kid blue eyes.





Kevin is a Montana native and Belfry Bat alumni who’s working towards the youngest lifetime pass at Red Lodge Mountain. He shreds harder than a cheese grader and gave up his ski bum life for a career in brew life. He is an artist, a twin and a great human to everyone he meets. Let’s give a big cheers to Kevin.